Corporate Overview

Hansong Technology was established in 1998 as a manufacturer of high performance, premium audio equipment.  Since that time, our company profile has significantly expanded at a controlled pace to cover ODM and OEM manufacturing in multiple areas of consumer and commercial electronics.  Our current experience includes products such as home theater HI-Fi and AV systems, custom installation product, professional audio, wireless technologies and commercial audio products.  Our workforce has kept pace with our product expansion and has grown from 70 employees to nearly 1000 full time employees today.  Our engineering department is second to none with over 90 individuals in various disciplines from Industrial Design, mechanical, electrical and software engineering to project management.

Hansong Technology is a privately owned company with assets in Asia and North America. Our headquarters and manufacturing are located in Nanjing China, one of China’s principle centers of education, technology research, and culture roughly 300 km west of Shanghai on the Yangtze River.  With 3 universities in the area, we have access to superior technology talent.  Our state of the art, 51,000 m2 (550,000 ft2) vertically integrated manufacturing facility includes assembly, SMT/SMD, injection molding, tooling, environmental and regulatory testing and our award winning R&D teams.

Quality, speed, innovation, people and performance – that is the Hansong touch.  Let us help you turn your ideas into reality. 

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